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Digital training and work aid for nursing staff

The Swiss eLearning platform in healthcare

Quickly look up a course of action, check the course of photos or assure in a short video how a care action is carried out - CareProcess integrates mobile learning into everyday care. Information is clear and always available when it is needed.

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How it works

The eLearning Platform

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Vocational trainer

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The advantage of a digital eLearning platform is that it can constantly evolve. For this purpose, experts are available in the background who continuously update the content and keep it up to date.

For employers, institutions and associations

With CareProcess you invest directly in the quality of care.

Für Arbeitgeber und Verbände

Easy setup

Once set up, you're ready to go. Everything in the browser.

Invite. Register. Getting started. Invite your trainees and employees to CareProcess with just one click. Everyone can start learning right away.

Improve training quality

With the course of action of CareProcess, you can be sure that your resources are used sensibly.

Increase the quality of care by making standardized care activities available digitally for professionals at any time. 

Theory-guided work of the nursing staff is encouraged, compliance with competence is checked, and care errors are avoided.


The latest from CareProcess

Our partnerships

Why we support CareProcess.

"CareProcess helps to relieve the burden on caregivers"

CareProcess contributes to relieving the burden on caregivers and improving processes. I consider CareProcess to be a valuable training and development tool.


Karin Nussbaumer-Steffen

Quality & Education

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